Learning from social media

For the last few weeks, and for a couple more, I’ve been “attending” a webinar course on social media.  It’s offered by www.instantetraining.com and is pretty comprehensive.  I’m learning quite a bit about analytics, tools, content, algorithms, building campaigns, etc.

The main thing I’m learning is that once you think you’ve “got it,” it changes. Google, Facebook, et al continue to improve functionality and capabilities to capture, analyze and use data to more accurately target consumers (and to be more profitable) in ways undreamed of even just a few short years ago.  And those improvements require constant, ongoing education, which as busy and time-starved as we all are today is asking a bunch.

I’ve always been a believer in hiring experts to do that in which they have expertise.  I have a lawyer for legal matters, an accountant for tax/bookkeeping needs, an electrician for when the GFCI in the bathroom keeps resetting.  Coincidentally, and what a surprise, I highly recommend using a professional marketing agency/consultant for developing and executing marketing/advertising plans.

And so it is with social media.  There is so much to absorb to just stay current, let alone ahead of the curve.  So even though I know more than the average bear about social media, and will know even more at the end of the course, I still consult with experts in specific areas to make sure my clients receive the best, most current advice in developing and executing their social media strategies.  I need to know enough to speak intelligently and ask the right questions in order to know on whom to call, but I can’t know it all, all the time.

Wisdom is knowing what you don’t know.  As I get older, I seem to be getting wiser.

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